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We all love our dogs to death but to arrive home to find he has chewed everything in sight including the new pair of shoes you bought last week does cast a dark side to owning a dog. So how do we stop dogs chewing?

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Its important to find why dogs turn to chewing things. Chewing is something that all dogs do but often for different reasons. Some dogs chew out of boredom others chew for pleasure. For what ever explanation chewing will always be described as damaging.

There are three main reasons why dogs chew.

  1. Many dogs like to chew purely for fun especially when it tastes good it takes away the monotony and it makes their jaws more powerful and in some cases sharpens their teeth.  
  2. If a dog is not getting enough exercise a dog with often resort to chewing to burn up nervous energy
  3. If you own a nervous dog she will often chew to comfort herself it is a way of releasing her emotions.

At first it can seem like an insoluble assignment to stop dogs chewing but don’t be dispirited dogs can be educated not to chew. With a little effort from your self.

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Here is a process you must put together in order to stop dogs chewing. You probably have not really thought of this but you have to make your home dog proof. Collect your treasured belongings and put them where you dog cannot get his jaws on. You will need to consider where is safe Can she jump? Can the dog climb? What height is she when standing on her back legs? How agile is she? Even if you have the most excellent trained dog on the globe there is no point in making life tough for him. Dogs adore to explore things with their jaws.

When you are dog proofing your home be sure to include in your list of not chew items, books, clothing, Glasses, shoes, rubbish bin, not to forget the small things like cameras, mobile phones, TV controllers. This is only some of items you may find it essential to put out of sight I am sure you will arrive at many more Ideas when you concentrate on it.

Chewing is something you will need to nip in the bud be careful not to leave food around. Once a dog gets into the habit of chewing your valuable items it’s hard to break the habit.

If you find your dog chewing a item that is not acceptable then interject clap your hands very forcefully and tick off then present her with an item that you are happy with

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