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Teaching your dog to become housebroken and to stop going to the bathroom in the home is the main purpose for crate training for dogs.

The moment you arrive home you should allow the dog to go in your yard and relieve himself. This is one of the best ways to get him started.

If necessary, find a spot in the yard and make it his designated poop area. The way to show him where it is at is to wait for him to go in that spot and then praise and reward him. Find the best thing he responds to whether it be an edible treat or a toy. Whichever it is, continue to use this as his reward.

In order for him to realize the crate is his own personal space, it would be wise to take him directly to it the moment you enter the house .

Eventually your puppy will get used to it. However, like a baby, he may whine and cry about being in it at first. It is up to you to ignore the whines and make him remain there.

Size of Crate

When done correctly, crate training for dogs is a very cool and effective technique as long as you purchase the right type of crate that is suitable for the size of your dog.

Little dogs need little crates. Nevertheless, if your pup is little now, but you know she will get bigger as an adult dog, you should buy a crate that will fit her adult size.

Do not purchase one that is too big though because if you leave her in there too long she will just go to the opposite end of it and relieve herself.

However, if you must purchase one that is big because of the size the dog will grow to as an adult, then try to buy a separator to stop him from going to the other end. Therefore she will hold it as long as possible because she will not go where she lie her head.

Length of Time

When using crate training for dogs, you must set a time schedule.

This will set a routine that she will adhere to. Because of the routine, it would be very essential to the time it takes to train her.

You should also allow the puppy to run free and play with the family at least every two hours. This will not only be beneficial on her bladder, but it will also let her know she is still part of the family and is loved.

It really doesn’t matter if you keep the crate in the kitchen, bedroom or living room just as long as it is in the place that all the family congregates.

If there are no more family members, then you probably should keep it in your bedroom.

To reinforce that she is doing something right, make sure you continue to show her love and affection when she does go outside. Also continue to give her a treat when she goes.

Your puppy is small as well as her bladder, therefore, you cannot expect her to hold it in longer then her body allows so please make sure you stay on top of the two hour set schedule.

It would be unfair and cruel to her to leave her in there cramped up and unable to move longer than two hours.  Remember she is a dog and needs to run around freely. It is part of her nature.

After two to three months your pup should be trained.

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