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There is no doubt that a pet that bites is a huge problem and can even become a serious problem. There are actually some differences between your dog biting you hand and mouthing it. Mouthing isn’t normally considered as an aggressive behavior. It is advisable though to put a stop to this behavior  because later on it will more than likely become quite annoying.

Quite often the reason a pet bites is because they weren’t trained or socialized properly. In order to hopefully get the biting to stop, training should begin at once.

Stop Dog Biting

Chew Toy

Dogs and puppies need to chew. Instead of your hands or shoes or furniture as a source of chewing, give them a chew toy. If your pet attempts to chew your hands say –no- firmly and give a chew toy in its place.

Refuse Playtime

Should your pet nip or bite during playtime, use a loud yelping noise and than the “playing is over”. If done right away your dog or pup will begin to learn biting is wrong and playing is finished.

Why This Behavior

Is your pet, who is normally docile, all of a sudden showing the aggression signs? If so something has probably caused his behavior to change suddenly. The problem could be a medical one or he could have undergone some nightmarish event. If your pet has had this behavior problem for what seems like forever it might that he was abused at one time or had a lack of socialization.

Once a physical problem has been ruled out the re-training process with your dog can move forward.

If the dog you are dealing with is older and has some issues with biting then know that it will be a little tougher to break this habit and will require a bit of time. There are some great training programs out there that you can get if you want to try it from your own home. If the home training method does not work, do not hesitate and go find a trainer in your area that works with these types of dogs.

Here Is More Help

The outcome of your’ pet biting somebody could be severe and this may include having to put your dog down or causing serious injuries to that somebody. So again, if your dog is showing intimidating signals of aggression try to get some one on one private training lessons and try and avoid the group training.

There will be cases that the answer to your problems could be as simple as finding another way to interact with your dog. Try to find the right training method for you and your dog and use them properly otherwise the results could be tragic.

I think that you will be surprised at the results that are produced from the training your dog is about to receive. If your dog likes to bite and you are going to be around people get a muzzle for him, it will take a lot of stress out of the situation for everyone involved.

Even though it may be hard for you to come to terms with the thought that your dog could hurt some one, know that if you ignore the problem you could be inviting tragedy. No matter if it is a pup or a dog, get involved in some type of training program to help and try and curb this behavior problem.

You might just be saving a dogs life by doing these things and more.

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