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siberian_huskyIf you need to grasp how your dog behaves naturally, then you need to become even more involved in his world and focus completely on his wants. In reality you must start training your dog the minute you get him.

Unfortunately, most amateurs in the world of dog training have difficulty getting their dogs to appreciate them to begin with. What they don’t understand is that dogs are essentially a lot less complicated compared to humans, so all you have got to do is work with your husky’s natural instincts.

Now, it’s correct that Siberian huskies have a tendency to be extremely clever, opportunity seizing, frolicsome and unrelenting, but they are still easy to coach with modern dog training programs – believe it.

The very first thing you have to do is remember that your training must be positive for the both of you, so be sure you only train your dog whenever you are both in a good mood. These sessions should also stay under 10 minutes every time because dogs have terribly short concentration spans, in general.

Also, do not give your husky any doggy treats if he doesn’t respond to your positive dog commands for a while. Try going back to less complicated commands first and return to harder commands again later on.

If you want more help, there are also plenty of good dog books, canine obedience training courses and DVDs you can look into for your husky. Ideally, though, you need to make sure you look for training programs that are especially made for your husky’s breed since they customarily have special wants to tend to.

In the final analysis, remember that you are your dog’s leader, too. This indicates that you have got to build a trusting relationship with him, no matter what the situation may be or what his wants could be. Impose good house rules and regular routines for him to depend on, too.

Jenny Smith is a mini husky breeder with over 15 years expertise and highly recommends positive coaching such as clicker training as a method to educate them.