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If you have a new puppy that is digging in your house, backyard, gardens or other areas, it’s important to do something about this problem. While digging comes naturally to your puppy and is a perfectly healthy thing, it can be a real problem when done in the wrong places and the wrong ways.

Your can help stop puppy digging by supplying your pup with a safe place that she can dig instead. You can’t expect that you will be able to stop digging altogether since this is a normal function, especially for a puppy.

However, you don’t want your puppy digging up your yard, your garden or flowers or digging under the fence and trying to “escape” as this can be very dangerous. A great solution to stop puppy digging is to give your puppy an appropriate place to dig and then teaching her when and how to use it.

First you will need to set up a digging pit for your puppy. Here your puppy can have a safe place to dig and not worry about bothering anyone or anything. You can choose a spot in your yard that’s just for your puppy. When you have a place with protection and shade from the weather, this will be the best option.

You can make a pit and then add some sand to it and this will help drainage. This will prevent your digging pit from becoming a big hole of mud. If your puppy tries to help while you are digging the pit, encourage her and explain that this will be hers.

Once the pit is complete, introduce it to her and say “dig in your pit”. You need to show her it’s a special place and that it’s safe to do it. Reward her if she uses the pit. It’s nice to have some of her favorite toys around because it can make her feel more secure.

Your puppy can learn this is a good place to dig in only a few days of training. Then you can teach her to dig only in the right places. Set boundaries to help your puppy know when and where to go. When she is digging in a wrong place, you can scold her right away so that she understands to stop.

You can then take her to the digging pit where she is allowed to dig and explain to her that this is the place for digging. Reward her when she does it properly. You might need to spend a little time each and every day in training your puppy to stop digging in the wrong places but once you get it down, it will be much healthier for you and your pup.

This is just one helpful technique to stop puppy digging. If you have a serious problem with puppy digging and you can’t stop it on your own, it might be a good time to contact a specialist in training puppies and dogs with these types of behavior problems.