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Ideally, a dog ought to be given raw (or mostly raw) meals and snacks from puppyDog jumpinghood, yet unfortunately, the majority of raw foodists only acknowledge the rewards of the raw lifestyle once they are well into their adulthood, then they will ,more often than not, discover that they wish to change their beloved pets to this very kind of diet too.

Several things should be evaluated in advance of making the transition to raw dog food. One of them is that mature dogs, that have lived on an exclusive diet for a very long time, will in all probability endure gastrointestinal discomfort from any dietary adjustment.

This does not happen on the grounds that the new food is inadequate for a dog, but due to the fact that their intestinal system is adjusted to just a narrow variety of foods. Keeping your dog’s eating regimen varied is additionally known to help prevent dog food induced hypersensitive reactions, that may be quite unpleasant for both the pet and the owner.

One can find two principal approaches to modifying your dog’s eating regimen: you can either go cold turkey, or you may opt for moderate change, which is in some cases termed as the “pension method”. Attempting to go cold turkey is highly inadvisable, and, while a tiny number of dogs may actually respond positively to this particular approach, the vast majority of dogs will not. The best option may be to go with a gradual conversion to a raw regime, that may require two weeks.

This would allow the dog’s intestinal flora to adjust to the new food, without stressing it. You can start by mixing raw products in with the pet’s conventional food, continuously escalating the quantity of new food included, and lowering the volume of traditional food. In about a week or two, determined by how sensitive it is, your dog should be on a fully raw diet.

Another appealing strategy for progressing to a raw dog food regime is known as “the milestone method”. While this 7 day technique is not always needed, it can prove to be useful for dogs who have truly delicate intestinal tracts.

It involves feeding your pet small amounts of unwashed dirty paunch during a period of 5 days, then blending the new raw meal together with the paunch during the 6th day, and finally providing the dog fully raw food during the 7th day. The unwashed paunch offers many of the needed intestinal microorganisms that will assist with the digestion of the new raw food, and can additionally bolster the dog’s immune system to guard against various illnesses.

As proven, raw food health isn’t only possible for humans, pets may do well with a raw foods regime as well. Have a look at our latest post on the topic: Raw Food Diet For Dogs