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Everyone loves to feed their dog table scraps and well meaning guests often can be seen feeding your pet all kinds of things, but did you realize that some foods that are perfectly fine for humans can make your dog sick? Yep, not all food is dog food.

I know you probably think of your dog as part of the family, but dogs react and digest food differently from us, so make sure you follow good dog food nutrition because some people food could be fatal to dogs.

Before we start, always try to compare dog food to make sure you’re feeding your dog the healthiest dog food possible. Here’s a list of some of the foods you should never feed your dog:

Chocolate – this is a great treat for us and it stands to reason that you might want to share it with your pet, however I urge you to never feed your dog chocolate because it can be fatal!  Chocolate contains a substance that can be toxic to your dog when eaten in certain amounts.

Coffee – Never feed your pet anything with caffeine, including coffee as it can adversely affect your dogs heart and nervous system.

Bones (Cooked)- Your dog certainly loves his bones, yes?  Believe it or not, the kind of bone you give your dog matters.  Never feed them any cooked bones as they can splinter very easily which can really wreak havoc inside your dog and can even be fatal.  This also applies to bones from poultry.

Grapes – Grapes, as well as raisins can damage your pets kidneys, so please refrain from feeding them these as well as grape seed oil (or any essential oil).

Onions- Onions in any form contain sulfoxides and disulfides which can cause anemia by damaging red blood cells. Onions are not a good dog food.

Macadamia and Walnuts – These nuts have some unknown toxin that affects your dogs nervous system, digestive system and muscles.

Mushrooms- A couple kinds of mushrooms could poison your dog so just stay away from all of them if possible.

Seeds from Avocados – The seeds from avocados have persin inside them, persin can be toxic to dogs and cause breathing difficulties and fluid build up.

Fat trimmings from your dinner – While the fat you trimmed off your prime rib seems like the perfect thing to dump into Fidos dish, it really isn’t good for them.  This type of excess fat and empty calories could lead to obesity and pancreatitis.

In addition to the foods above, you should never feed your dog fruit pits or the leaves or stems from vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes.  Also, don’t feed your dog desserts or spoiled food as they obviously are not good for them.  Its super important to watch what you feed your dog and also watch what others might be giving your dog. For more great information like this make sure to download this great and free dog food nutrition report called the Dog Food Doctrine.