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There are few things more exciting than bringing a new puppy home but in order to have a smooth ride with your new puppy at home, you need to learn the basics of puppy health care.  Puppies, like humans, are susceptible to illness and you need to take the necessary precautions in order to keep them healthy and vibrant.  Remember that puppies should not be taken away from their mothers until they are about eight weeks old. The colostrum they get from their mother’s milk will protect them from many illnesses.

Find a Good Veterinarian

Finding a veterinarian that you can confide is one of the first and most important steps in puppy health care.  Look for a veterinarian that has experience dealing with the kind of breed you have.Also look for a veterinarian that you feel comfortable with.  Make sure you have his or her phone number written down so you can contact him whenever you have an important question or are worried about something.

When you first get your puppy, take him in immediately for a check-up and to get vaccinations. Talk to your vet about the vaccines your dog needs and make sure to take your dog back for booster shots when necessary. It is also a good idea in puppy health care to take a stool sample of your puppy with you during your first visit to the vet in order to get it checked for worms.

In puppy health care it is very important to follow a special diet so make sure to ask your veterinarian about the specifics.  In general, most puppies need to eat more frequently than older dogs and they need to eat dry foods. Avoid the temptation of giving your puppy table scraps because it can foster behavioral problems like begging as well as digestive issues.

An essential step in puppy health care is getting breed-specific information. Make sure to purchase a book about caring, grooming, and training the specific breed you have prior to taking your puppy home.  Buy all the materials necessary such as a crate, nail clippers, brush, and chewing toys prior to your puppy’s homecoming.

In conclusion, puppy health care is very similar to taking care of a baby. Make sure to stay in close contact with a veterinarian, especially during the first few weeks. Learn about how to take care of your puppy and train him by reading and talking to your veterinarian.  Most of all, remember to give your new puppy lots of love and affection because that will go a long way in fostering good health.

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