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BoxerOutdoor dog houses are usually quite basic, but need to be rugged and weather-proof.  In addition to this, however, most owners feel that their dog houses should express the affection and pride they have for their dogs, so the building should be of a professional standard in both form and function.

When making a kennel, you will probably need a good set of dog house plans to help you do the job properly.  Let’s start by looking at the main design features of a good dog house plan.

The kennel must, first and foremost, be a good shelter from all sorts of weather – rain, wind, hot sun.  All seams and joins must be plugged and the building insulated so that your dog is fully protected.  Perhaps provide shade above the doorway (dogs often like to doze just outside their house).  It is a good idea to design the floor to be off the ground, to stop it from rotting and to prevent rising damp.

Ventilation is also super important.  Dogs can overheat easily, so they must have adequate ventilation in their house during hot periods.  Also in cold weather conditions their breath can produce condensation and damp unless the kennel has good ventilation.  This is better for mould than it is for dogs.  Build in some vents to give a good airflow for your dog.

Keep away from pressure or chemically treated wood for making dog houses since it is unhealthy for any animal that might touch it.

Access for cleaning out the kennel is important.  Maybe have a hinged back wall or roof panel.

The last point is the size of the kennel – it has to be just right for your dog.  He will need to be able to walk in, turn round and lie down fully stretched.  It needs to be just large enough to allow the dog to snuggle down at night and use his body heat to keep warm.  This will be difficult for the dog if the kennel is too big.

It should take you only  a day or two and about a huundred dollars to make a good kennel. If you don’t want to settle for just a basic doghouse you might need to look at some good designs for making a more professional home for your pet.

To help you we have selected what we think are the best dog house plans currently available.  These include some excellent designs as well as great plans and the all-important materials lists.  If you are new to this sort of project you get diagrams and photos to help with the little details. The dog house plans are surprisingly cheap, and come with a good full-refund guarantee, which we demand for any product we recommend.

We have shown the basic requirements for a successful doghouse.  You can design and build one very easily, very quickly and very cheaply using the best dog house plans.  Your dog deserves a really professional standard house.  Why not make one this weekend?