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Puppy naming seems easy enough. There are countless names to choose from. There are online tools available that can help you pick the right one based on your pup’s breed, stature and other criteria. Given that, why is it so difficult to choose a handle that fits the pup?

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Many owners agonize over naming their new dogs, trying to avoid saddling their puppies with handles they’ll regret down the road. Below, we’ll offer a few tips that promise to make the task easier. If you have recently brought a new canine companion home, the following suggestions will help you choose a name that fits him.

Tip 1 – Avoid Embarrassment

Names that seem cute or witty in the privacy of your home may be embarrassing once you’re forced to call it out in public. Naming your pooch “Dragon Breath” might give you a chuckle, but it will wear thin by the time he has matured into an adult.

If you will not be comfortable calling out your puppy’s name in public, that’s a sign you should give him another. Jake, Jack, Booster, and Sammy are good handles for a pup. There are thousands of other names that you won’t be embarrassed to call in public.

Tip 2 – Avoid Confusing Your Puppy

Think about the commands you intend to teach your dog. You’ll likely train him to “sit,” “run,” “come,” and “stay.” Avoid giving him a name that sounds similar to any of those commands. For example, don’t call him “Ray.” That sounds similar to “stay.” Likewise, “Pun” sounds like “run.”

At first, the similarity may seem insignificant. Remember, however, your precious puppy will eventually need to learn the proper response to your commands. He can become confused if his name is too similar to a command.

Tip 3 – Keep It Short With Room To Grow

Shorter handles are better than longer ones. They are easier for dogs to comprehend and respond to right away. For example, “Jake” is better than “Christopher.”

Also, try to pick a name that ends in a hard consonant rather than a vowel. Your puppy with have an easier time differentiating the sounds, and will know right way that you are calling him. For instance, “Max” is better than “Alluah.”

Another factor to consider is that some names might seem appropriate for your puppy, but will be less so when your pup matures into an adult. Make sure he can grow into the handle you give him. “Poofy” may be a cute name when he’s a puppy. By the time he’s fully grown, you might feel awkward calling out to him at a dog park.

The name you choose for your pup will last throughout his life. Once you select it, you should avoid changing it. Make sure you choose a handle that prevents embarrassment in public and confusion for your canine. Moreover, make sure it provides plenty of room from him to grow into it.

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