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When a dog whines it is trying to communicate. One of the first actions a dog learns is to whine. When it is hungry the puppy whines to let its mother know. The mother dog feeds the puppy and the puppy learns that whining produces the desired result.

A puppy will continue to whine when it is distressed or requires attention as it grows into a dog. A puppy is often one of a litter and will feel a sense of belonging to its brothers or sisters. If it becomes separated from its litter it will whine as a sign of its distress and to let the litter know that it needs to be rescued.

When the puppy is removed from its litter to become a member of your family it may feel extreme distress at being removed from its familiar surroundings and former family. It may whine to communicate its distress and sense of loss.

Now is the time to start training your dog not to whine. If you pay attention to its whines you are reinforcing this action and the dog continues to understand that if it whines it receives attention. On the other hand it is important that you have taken care of the dog’s needs before you try to stop a dog from whining. Always ensure that your dog has food and water and is comfortable and is not trying to communicate to you that he is thirsty or hungry. Your dog should not whine when it is eating, running or going to the toilet and if it does it will need to be seen by a vet.

You must not neglect your dog and you must spend time with him and play with him. Reinforce his good behavior by spending time with him when he is being quiet and good.

Once your dog has become familiar with you as its new family it may suffer from separation anxiety when you leave it alone. Separation anxiety in dogs is not uncommon. Dogs are pack animals by nature so remember that when you leave it it may feel quite anxious. If your dog is put outside before you go out try spending a few moments with it in its outside world and make sure you leave toys for it to play with while you’re out. The dog will soon learn that he can have fun outside, as well.

Pay attention to your dog’s whines and you’ll begin to understand what he is trying to tell you and why. Your dog may be trying to communicate to you that he needs to go outside to the toilet, or that he is hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, lonely, bored, or he could be in pain.

Provide plenty of exercise and stimulation for your dog. Play games with him, take him for walks and take him to dog parks so that he can run off the leash and socialize with other dogs. Dogs can quickly become bored if they do not receive the stimulation that they require as intelligent animals. A bored dog will sometimes whine to get attention.

Attend to your dog’s requirements and don’t allow him to manipulate you by whining. You will soon learn to recognize the difference between a dog’s genuine needs and his need to get your attention.  Reinforce good dog behavior. Only when the whining has stopped should you show him the love and attention that he deserves, this way he will soon learn that his whines do not produce the results that he wants.