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You want an answer right now if you have a dog soiling problem. Of all the different dog problems found around anywhere, people agree this is one of the most frustrating. It’s smelly, unhygienic, embarrassing and can cause a host of other problems.

To put an end to your dog wetting problems, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Secrets to Dog Training.

There are different reasons for dog wetting indoors. These may include:

  • Scenting or “marking of territory”- which is actually not a house training problem but something unrelated
  • Never been trained to go outside
  • Nowhere else for the dog to go
  • Change in dog’s food routine or walking habits
  • Change in when you let you dog out for potty breaks
  • Illness or incontinence
  • Stress or tension in the dog’s life or in the household
  • Scared or feeling separation anxiety
  • Seeking attention

Before you seek to do anything about a behavior problem of dog wetting, you need to have it checked by a vet to rule out any physical or medical reasons for the wetting. Some examples of these conditions are cystitis or colitis. You can look into behavior issues behind dog wetting once you’ve ruled out any possible medical condition.

Because of hormones that can come about during the first season, some female dogs have trouble with housetraining during this period. This will usually correct itself after the first season has passed. Wearing doggie diapers can help with this problem until it passes.

It’s also possible to stop dog wetting by training your dog if she’s never been housetrained before. Then you need to create a solid and stable routine for your dog. You need to remain on schedule with your feeding, walking and other routines. This will keep your dog used to when she is supposed to go and when she will have opportunity to be let out to go.

Once you have learned more about dog wetting, you can make sure it never becomes a problem for you again. It’s possible to start working with your dog right now to stop dog wetting in the house as well as in other inappropriate places.

You should be sure to clean accidents up right away and very thoroughly. If your dog still smells the urine spot after it’s been cleaned up, it can make her want to go again and again. Clean it up with a pet urine cleaner or a homemade solution made to remove the urine smell.

Here are some things to avoid to help stop dog wetting:

  • Don’t leave your dog/puppy in the house too long without being let out
  • Don’t leave your dog/puppy in a crate or indoor fenced area too long
  • Don’t punish your dog/puppy for going in the house
  • Don’t forget to go outside with your dog/puppy when training

These tips will help you stop dog wetting today. You can finally say goodbye to your dog wetting problems once and for all. You and your dog can enjoy the freedom and security that comes with a properly housetrained dog.