Easy Cures to Common Dog Behavior Issues

Trained or not, you’ll encounter behavior problems with your pet sooner or later. It’s imperative to address the behavior issues as soon as you find out there is a problem. Dealing with behavior modification in your pups is easier than having an old dog to handle. Besides, you always want to take care of a problem when it shows up. Leaving your dog with negative behavior unchecked makes your pet believe it’s acceptable.

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Here are some quick tips to address usual dog behavior issues:

1. Get your pup some chew toys. Bored dogs are likely to dig. Digging is not entirely harmless; it can become dangerous when your dog eases himself out of your yard. Bored dogs, bite or dig on furniture, causing destruction. The worst that can happen is for your dog to accidentally chew on a live wire and toast himself. So keep you dog busy.

2. Spend time to pet your dog. Allow your dogs to be friends with other dogs. Dogs are much more quieter when there are other animals or there are people around. When coping with separation anxiety, dogs are likely to bark excessively. If you live in a tight neighborhood, like in an apartment complex, it’s best to regulate your dog’s barking. If not, you’d find yourself opening your door to a police officer because your neighbor has called them in.

3. Have a place in the house for puppies. It’s not smart to leave your house unsupervised with untrained dogs loose. Untrained young pups will treat your things as chew toys, and your place as their poop spot. To keep your sanity and your pets safe, tuck them in a room where they can’t destroy anything. Just be certain about leaving them with enough food and water.

4. Have your dog go through a physical exam. If your dog has serious behavior issues, you want to make sure it’s not because of some physical defects.

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Addressing Specific Dog Problems.

Although you need to put an effort into it, behavior modification is an excellent method to resolve your dog’s issues. To be effective, your solution must approach the problem by addressing its root cause. If it’s not because of health issues, a dog’s behavior has a reason. You’d be better able to help your dog respond appropriately if you knew whether his reaction is borne out of fear, redirected aggression or perceived threats to his territorial claims. You may find that any of the quick fixes above solves your dog’s issues; or you may find you need to put in more effort to help him. In any case, it’s imperative to address the problem and not just the symptoms.

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