Potty Training Puppies Made Easy

Probably one of the biggest headaches involved in having dogs for pets is potty training puppies. Puppies do not have a switch you can flip to have them go potty and they can’t understand any verbal command unless they were trained to. Getting puppies to do their business when you want them and where you want them does not involve rocket science though and you would not need to hire a specialist to do it for you either. The one thing a person needs to complete this project is lots of patience. As long as you remain consistent in your training methods, you won’t have trouble potty training a puppy.

Getting them to do their business by recognizing their nature

Animals are instinctive; they do not weigh any sort of pros or cons before making a decision. Knowing this can assist to a great degree in knowing how to potty train pups. Puppies are like sponges ready to soak up information, they have the instincts but, for the most part, are still in the trial and error phase of finding out how to meet certain needs. Urinating and defecating is instinctive but, despite what most people think, puppies don’t just quit doing what they’re doing and do their business. Try to watch them when they get the urge to go, they sometimes run around looking somewhat agitated, first sniffing and searching about until they find a good spot and then do their business.

This is where the training in potty training puppies comes in. You have to condition them to choose a specific area to do their business so every time they get the urge they go exactly where you want them. You do it this way? You’ll need an item with a musky or earthy scent, something distinctive that, when they smell it, they can easily equate it with either urinating or defecating. There are commercially manufactured potty training sprays that you can purchase in pet stores or you can go hands on and try to get a small amount of your pet’s urine in a spray bottle when it does its business.

Whether you opt for the commercial spray or the hands on approach, the training or conditioning phase remains the same: when your puppy shows signs of the urge to commune with nature prepare a liberal stack of newspapers and restrict your puppy within the confines of the newspaper. Spray just a very small amount of the scent-agent onto the newspaper. Allow the puppy to move around the location and get comfortable. Once the puppy has gone potty, gently hold its head near the spot you sprayed the agent making sure it is close enough for the pup to smell the scent. Duplicate this for about 12 weeks each and every time the dog needs to do its business.

Doing the steps talked about already can get you either two results or both. The puppy can associate doing its business to a newspaper or the scent, this means that whenever the puppy needs to go potty, it will either search for a newspaper or sniff around for a scent, either result leads to a properly potty trained puppy and worry free maintenance for you.

As mentioned earlier potty training puppies requires a generous amount of patience but aside from that it is actually a pretty easy thing to do.

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