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Secrets to Dog Training’ by Daniel Stevens is considered by many experts to be the best online dog training program you can get.

Formally known as ‘SitStayFetch’, it has been the number one selling dog-training course online for 4 years in  a row, with sales figures in excess of 220,000 and rising all the time.A ‘Contents’ section which is five pages long is the first thing I noticed, and gives an idea of just how thorough it really is! Its over 260 pages long, covering all aspects of dog ownership and training.  Superb pics and photos are used to support the useful advice contained in the course.

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The first section of the course looks at general areas of dog ownership, such as selecting your dog,diet and nutrition, as well as various types of training such as crate training or clicker training.

Section 2 focuses on they way that dogs think, what are their strongest drives, and the way that they use their senses. A very interesting chapter in this section teaches you how to use body language skills and signals to communicate with your dog.

I found Section 3 to be extremely useful, with more than 25 specific behavioural problems covered, from nipping through to dominance and aggression. Not only does it explain why are dogs develop these unwanted behaviours, it also shows us how to prevent them reoccuring in the future. I have followed the instructions in many of these sections myself with my own dog, and I have to say that the results were fantastic, with noticeable improvement almost immediately.

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There are more topics covered in ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ than I can mention here – separation anxiety, how to introduce your new dog to existing pets, dog allergies, how to deal with cat-chasing – it’s all there!

Also included with the package are some free bonuses, including a 30 minute online video which shows you how to establish yourself as the pack leader, an audio recording of the course which you can listen to anywhere using your MP3 player, and most impressively, access to their’members-only dog community’, where vets, dog behavioural experts and dog lovers alike will be on-hand to answer all of your questions.

In case you’re not sure, the course comes with a’No Hassles’ 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I can say having used this course that the effect it has had on my dog has been huge. My ‘cute but naughty’ black labrador has been changed into a happy, obedient relaxed dog, who is a pleasure to have in the family.

I would recommend anyone looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-follow dog training course to buy a copy of Daniel Stevens ‘Secrets to Dog Training’.

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