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There are a few things that you need to take account of before getting a Chihuahua for a pet. Chihuahua dogs can make great pets, but they also have some characteristics which make them complicated, especially for families with young children or folk who work long hours.

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Chihuahua pets are steadfast and aggressive. They may regularly only bond to 1 or 2 people. This is great when you live alone or with one other person, but they have an inclination to not bond with more people than that. If you have a large family or if you’re planning to have kids down the line, a Chihuahua might not be your best choice for a pet.

Chihuahuas also require a lot of attention. Although they are great pets for flats or smaller homes because they don’t need lots of space to run around in, they do need lots of physical exercise. They also enjoy being taken out on walks with their masters, but it is better to use a harness with this breed because they have very delicate bones. If you live in a chilly climate you need to know that your Chihuahua pet cannot handle the cold. They will need to be covered when outside in the cold or not left out for long. If you’re employed long hours and are planning to leave your Chihuahua pet alone for most of the day this would possibly not be the dog for you.

As discussed above the Chihuahua has fragile bones. You need to be very careful and gentle when picking them up and putting them down. Many Chihuahuas get hurt because their owner didn’t have a good grip on them when they picked them up. Although their bones are delicate their musculature is actually extremely dense and powerful.

If you do wish to get a Chihuahua pet it is important to get them socialized early. They don’t seem to be simple to train and ineffectual training when the dog is young can lead to difficulty as the dog gets older. Make sure that your pet spends a large amount of time with other dogs of all sizes and shapes. To keep your dog from getting too overprotective it is great to let them be around many other folks when they are young as well.

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