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As man’s best friend, and a member of your family, finding the right neck collar and flea and tick control collar for your dog should be a top priority.

It is important for all dog collars to be comfortable and fit properly. Collars should not be so tight as to restrict breathing or cause coughing. It is vital to check the collar size frequently on growing puppies. It’s not just a case of going to your local pet store and picking up the best looking collar. Today there are so many types you need to know what to look for and how to use it.  Traditional dog collars are available in a range of materials, and are typically buckle-type collars, with a buckle similar to a belt buckle, or the quick-release style.  Fashion should be secondary after safety and convenience when it comes to the collar you put on your dog.

Do you keep your dog’s collar on him or her all the time? It is a very good idea to keep your dog’s collar on him all the time except when giving your dog a bath. You just never know what could happen, your dog could get out  and wander too far and get lost.

There is a far greater chance that your lost dog will be returned if he or she is wearing  a dog collar with a pet ID tag. A microchip is also a very good idea.

An accurately fitted dog collar is used for control, identification, fashion, identification tags and medical information.An alternative to dog collars are dog harnesses, best used with the smaller breeds often in car travel or out in public.  It’s essential that a telephone number and address be on the ID tag and not the dog’s name. Having the pet’s name on the ID tag can give wrongdoers an advantage with your dog.

As a member of our family, we all attempt to keep our dogs  healthy and happy.  Using flea and tick collars as the best way to prevent flea and tick exposure when your dog  is in the out-of-doors.

There are numerous products available in the market to keep fleas and ticks away from your pets. You can also choose collars that are available in many sizes, colors and patterns. These specially designed collars are made in such a way that fleas will not come close to your dogs. They also have the ability to kill the germs that could cause Lyme disease. The better flea and tick collars out there tend to be more long lasting, but not all of them are. That would depend on the type you buy. Most offer around eight months of protection, but some others may offer more or less.

The benefit of using a flea and tick collar is that it would completely kill the fleas and ticks that exist on your pet’s body. In general when you use lotions and shampoos, the effects will only be short-lived. Using just lotions and shampoos the eggs of the fleas would not die but using a flea and tick collar you can be sure that the cycle would be broken. This ensures that your pets are free from such insects.

It is very important to read the ingredients cautiously and check the chemicals for safety on flea and tick collars.  According to the Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC), ingredients on some flea collars are carcinogens, neurotoxins, or both.

An effective and natural collar can be made using repellent essential oils. One way this can be done is by choosing an absorbent collar for your pet, such as the commonly available heavy-duty woven nylon collars. The collar will take in essential oils, and no additional collar is needed. Essential oils that repel fleas and ticks include citronella, rosemary, and rose geranium. Obtain only 100 percent pure essential oils, and using an eyedropper, put just one or two drops on the collar. Repeat each week. Some animals are very sensitive to the strong smell of essential oils, so start with just one drop and increase to two if they appear to tolerate the smell. If ticks are the leading problem, use rose geranium; for fleas choose citronella if for a dog, but not for cats.