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Dog training is a demanding and time-consuming responsibility, but a necessary one if the canine member of your family is to coexist harmoniously with the rest of the family. Dogs that are not trained might becoming annoying for you and your family and unmanageable, which will cause you a lot of stress and may result in you finding a new home for your dog.

If you are going to be responsible for the dog, you have to be ready to train them correctly. Don’t wait until your dog charges the mailman. Unruly behavior may result in injury to you or your pet. Training should begin the day your pet becomes a part of the family. Training your dog can be a lengthy and challenging procedure, but it will result in an obedient pet that is a source of satisfaction and enjoyment to the family, and a tribute to your endurance.

Both your pet and your family will derive several advantages as a result of appropriate dog training and obedience. First and foremost, your pet will now behave properly and will be a pleasure to have around, bringing amusement and cheer to the family. If you don’t train them, you will have to deal with a lot of behavior problems like chewing, barking, biting, digging, running off, and many more habits that can be broken with dog training.

Owning a puppy that does these kinds of things will eventually wear you down and change how you think about the dog. His behavior will not just be upsetting to you, but the results of your dog’s behavior will cause you a lot of undue stress. An ideal pet does not destroy things in your home or garden. He doesn’t escape and run will-nilly down the street or through other people’s yards. No one enjoys an uncontrollable pet. Untrained dogs may not obey their owners. It’s a sad fact that some families must place their dogs elsewhere because they have failed to correct their pets’ bad behavior.

By failing to train your dog you do him a great disservice. Give your dog the tools he needs to become an obedient, well-trained member of the family. But there are several other gains for the dog if he has the advantage of timely and correct training. He avoids the difficulties and predicaments and the chances of injury or death that an untrained dog has.

Dogs love exercise and it’s required for their health. Its natural for them to want to run and explore. Walk your pet daily and keep him leashed, this will remove the risk of him escaping and being struck by a car. It may also become confused and lose its bearings so it cannot get home again, and could eventually starve. If your dog runs away, he might also get caught taken to the pound, where he might be put down.

There are other bad things that may happen if you do not give your dog the training he needs. If your dog isn’t taught that chewing is not okay as a puppy, they might think they can chew anything they want. This might result in them eating something that can kill them or eating food that keeps their intestines from functioning properly.

There are numerous other beneficial results of proper dog training and obedience, both to dog and master, too many to list here. But, you should now see that training your dog is very important and will create a better life for both of you in the long run.