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Having a puppy is a very enjoyable experience for many of us and perks can include an increased sense of emotional well-being and a more robust immune system.

However, owning an untrained dog is not an experience any puppy owner would be proud of.

Problems faced by many new dog owners include, excessive barking, digging up the lawn and questions such as “how can I stop a puppy biting?” are often asked.

It is embarrassing when any or all of these common dog problems cannot be controlled.

Carrying out suitable research, particularly if you are a first time owner, is therefore critical before deciding on a particular breed. When choosing a breed of dog you may want to consider how well they get on with children and will they leave hairs around the house and furniture.

By adopting an untrained dog you have a few different options of how to go about teaching them essential obedience training. One way is to hire the expertise of a local dog trainer either for personal sessions with just you or your dog or in a group setting. Alternatively you can buy a book or other self-help course to teach you how to train your dog yourself.

My recommended guides for puppy training are Secrets to Dog Training and Dove Cresswell’s Puppy & Dog Training Online.

It can be a big advantage to personally work with your dog one-to-one on improving their obedience. It is an increasing thought that having the dog owner train their dog is the best way to go about dog training. This is because it will help build to build a rapport between you and your dog. This will increase your confidence in your dog obeying your commands when out and about.

Secrets To Dog Training is a high quality dog training course available online. Before buying any book or course online it is worth doing a bit of research and checking out a Dog Training Secrets review before buying to see what other people think. Secrets To Dog Training is a complete dog obedience and care course and covers how to deal with many different dog problems from stopping a German Shepherd digging to housetraining a Labrador.