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When potty training puppies, many folks become frustrated at the whole process in general. Getting frustrated is understandable, and mistakes can be quite frequent as most puppies are still getting acquainted with the way the world operates. But the one thing that most people don’t realize is that a big determiner of your puppies behavior is the way you react to his actions. Give these simple tips a try as you potty train your puppy:

RESPECT: That’s right – potty training puppies need respect too! Although dogs are not verbal animals, they do respond to emotions and feelings, and can sense when they are being respected. If they feel like they’re loved members of your family, they will usually return the favor and respect your rules better.

TEMPER: It’s hard to stay cool when your little puppy just left a “dookie” in the middle of the floor! However, the truth is that calm commands get a much better response than yelling and screaming. Losing your temper will confuse your puppy and delay his progress.

PRAISE: Always remember to get excited for your puppy when he deserves it. This means to constantly reinforce good behavior. Petting, praising, and loving your puppy will not only improve behavior, but will also help reinforce the bond between you, and will strengthen the mutual respect for each other.

STRIKING: Many folks believe that hitting their dog helps establish “who’s boss” when potty training puppies. But the truth is that this can cause psychological damage, and can contribute to lengthy delays in the potty training process because it just plain freaks your puppy out! Most of the main-stream dog trainers now recommend positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement, which can mean a major shift in many dog owners’ thought processes. So, if you feel your self getting mad, just walk away and deal with it after you’ve calmed down.

By following these four easy tips, you will strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, and your dog’s behavior will improve, thus speeding up the potty training process. Have fun!