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If you want to use a really good dog training video program, how can you know which is the best? I have checked out several dog training video programs, and my favorite is Dove Cresswell’s Dog and Puppy Training Online. Dove is well known as a dog trainer to the stars. You know that Dove is excellent at getting dogs to perform tricks, or the movies and television shows wouldn’t be asking her to train the dogs on their productions. After teaching dogs in the movies to do all kinds of crazy stunts, it is pretty easy for Dove to show us how to obedience train our dogs.

The video training in Dove’s program is broken in to 7 easy to follow video modules-Dove’s training is all through down-loadable videos from your computer, and there is no book accompanying her program. For those of you who learn their best listening and watching a project get done, rather than through reading text, this video style of dog training is the best way to go. The training modules follow a logical sequence, that begins with house training new puppies. In the second module you learn how to teach your puppy the most basic of dog obedience exercises. By paying attention to the early puppy training, you get started right with creating a bond between you and your dog, that will help him grow into the great dog you want to have.

Dove’s Dog Training Online, follows the natural sequences of a puppy’s growth towards maturity, and will teach each progressive lesson as your dog becomes ready to learn it. All of Dove’s training features positive training methods, and teaches you need never to yell at or hit your dog to get good results. You will see that by using the cheerful and upbeat style that Dove teaches,the training becomes a lot fun for both you and your dog. Making the training sessions fun for you and your dog will produce the fastest and easiest results training your dog. By the end of the program Dove will have taught you how to have your dog doing some very advanced special tricks.

Dove’s videos provide excellent examples of the confident body language and upbeat vocal commands that will best communicate your instructions to your dog. Dove helps teach you some basics of dog psychology-you can use your new found understanding of your dog’s point of view as a tool to get better training results. By learning how to relate better to your dog, you will also be able to avoid making costly training mistakes that would otherwise hurt your dog training efforts.

Dogs are like people, in that each dog learns a little differently than the next, so your training needs to be somewhat flexible enough to reach even a hardheaded dog.Therefore, Dove teaches you a few different techniques for various training exercise steps-just in case your dog is not responsive to one particular style.

In addition to her excellently presented  7 module video dog training program, Dove also offers even more incentives to her customers. Dove offers her clients free email consultations to help solve any dog training problems that you may still be having.

Dove also offers several bonus eBooks that you will love to use for training even more tricks to your dog. The bonus eBooks include:

1. The first bonus is an eBook about teaching your dog to Fetch.

2. The second bonus eBook is about teaching yor dog to play soccer. My own dog loves Soccer-and has become a formidable goalie.

3. Bonus #3 is an eBook about play “Hide’N’Seek” with your doggy.

4. The 4th bonus is an eBook on Dog Sports, which are rapidly becoming more and more popular.

5. Bonus number 5 is an eBook about Alpha dog training, so you know how to earn your dog’s respect and cooperation for better training results.

6. This bonus is a report that teaches you valuable information regarding choosing the best type of dog food for your pet. You will learn that most commercial dog foods are not very nutritious or healthy for our pets.

7. The 7th bonus is a report of the best kinds of toys for your dog.

Dove offers you a complete 60 day guarantee in case you don’t really love her program.

I highly recommend Dove’s video training program to you-especially if you learn best by listening and watching, rather than through reading a manual. Check out Dove’s videos so you can follow her easy video training steps, and soon get your dog to be the best behaved pet he can be.