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Dog day careSo, you have brought your puppy home and mistakenly believe it is all going to be easy. At least that’s what you thought before you walked through the front door and realized that you were going to have to teach your dog proper social behaviors.

You will find that although widely available, puppy training courses can be expensive. If you want to train the dog yourself you will find that the pet store is awash with puppy training products. Before allowing your head to spin wondering what to buy, or not buy, you should start with a basic dog training manual.

Specialist guides are also widely available and perhaps the most popular is on the subject of toilet training. It can be very distressing if your puppy continuously uses your floor as a toilet, so this is one of the first behavior traits you will need to correct. Many puppies are integrated into the home as part of the family, so you may want to consider asking your kids to participate in the training routine.

Obedience training is vitally important, not only for behavior in the home but also for walks out on a lead. You may be astounded to see the variety of dog leads and leashes on sale and may be confused by all the choice. Many popular leashes use a mechanism that allows the lead to be extended and retracted, so depending on the situation you can let your dog have some distance from you. You can buy these leads in leather, metal chair or fabric and they range from affordable to expensive.

Food is another crucial factor when trying to raise a happy pup, because a poor quality food can impact their behavior negatively. A young pup has very specific dietary needs and they require a higher level of fat in their diet to mature dogs, so choose a good quality puppy food. Then you are sure you are feeding your little pet a healthy and balanced diet.

Remember that food can be used as a great incentive in the training process, so keep treats to a minimum and ideally give them as a reward for good behavior. Feeding really is such a crucial part of pet ownership and in young puppies what you feed them at the start of their life will have an impact on how they grow and develop. Make sure you only ever provide good quality pet food and snacks.