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Jack Russell aggressionDog owners trying to tame Jack Russell aggression should know that a lot of excessive aggressive behavior is due to lack of exercise, discipline, stimulation and also companionship. Jack Russell terriers tend to be very smart, hard-working dogs who really need to be engaged on a day-to-day basis. It’s a full-time job to have one, so if you’re not able to dedicate some time and energy to your Jack Russell, you might wish to think about another breed.

There is an old saying that a tired dog makes a good dog.  Jack Russell terriers require thirty to forty-five minutes of daily walking or running. Certain dog owners think smaller dogs obtain sufficient physical exercise by running through the house or inside the yard, however this is absolutely not accurate. Without having purposeful regular physical exercise, your terrier is going to have excess energy that will impede its ability to become disciplined and master commands, and this is going to compound aggressive behavior.

Discipline is crucial for all dogs, including your terrier. Your life with each other will likely be harmonious if you take the time to effectively discipline your Jack Russell. Well before you take the dog to your home, read a good guide on dog discipline and training.  Start potty training the dog immediately upon its arrival.  Additionally, you must stop any Jack Russell aggression including biting, jumping up on people, and excessive barking and yelping. Discipline right from the start is necessary to teach the dog to refrain from aggressive behaviors.

Jack Russell terriers are highly intelligent dogs that love to be stimulated and readily learn commands, as evidenced by the breed’s proliferation in Hollywood movies and tv shows.  Making use of the methods out of your dog training guide, devote thirty minutes each day going over very simple commands. After your Jack Russell has learned these commands, it will be more than ready to proceed to much more advanced training. Hard work is ingrained in this dog breed and they crave stimulation.

Finally, your Jack Russell absolutely wants companionship and love. Overly aggressive behavior can stem from the dog being at home all day long by itself, therefore if you work think about hiring a dog walker to break up the boredom of a long day alone. As soon as you get home, offer your terrier the attention it craves with love and going over discipline and any commands you are teaching. It will be worth the effort as the dogs are extremely loyal and lovable to devoted owners.

Curb your pet’s Jack Russell aggression by engaging it in frequent exercise, teaching discipline, making use of stimulation and commands to keep it busy, and being a loving companion to your pet. Your effort will be greatly rewarded.