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If you have a new puppy in your home you must have already noticed his passion for chewing and biting everything he can get his little mouth close to. Among the targets is the skin on your hands and feet, any loose shoes you haven’t put away, and well, I am sure you already know nothing is safe.I have listed a few good ideas for helping you deal with your puppy’s biting and chewing stage.

  • First of all, get your puppy some chew toys to play with. Since your puppy is teething and definitely needs to bite something, these toys are great alternatives to your skin.  As you start playing with your puppy and he gets too rough, stop him by placing your hand over his mouth to hold it shut. As soon as he starts to bite you, stop him by holding his mouth shut with your hand. Your puppy won’t exactly enjoy his mouth being held shut, so soothe him with your voice while you hold him. Without raising your voice firmly tell him “no biting”. If he becomes nervous he’ll resist longer, so keep your voice calm but firm. The more relaxed he remains, the sooner he will submit. Now that he is once again calm, it is the perfect time to offer him a fun chew toy.  Get him to take the chew toy in his mouth, and then give him lots of praise and affection.Because you are positively reinforcing chewing on the toy instead of you-consistently-the puppy will learn that the toy is the better alternative.Be patient with the training (it won’t change overnight. This type of negative reinforcement will hurt you progress with training your puppy by undermining his trust and confidence in you. Everyone in your household needs to  understand this, so you everyone treats the puppy’s behavior problems  (such as how to stop your puppy from biting) with positive reinforcement. When someone around the puppy yells or hits him for playing rough, it serves to confuse and hurt your training efforts in the long run.
  • To stop a lot of unwanted biting and chewing buy your puppy, keep him in his crate when you can’t supervise him directly. If you let the puppy have a free run of the house,  he will very likely find something tasty to put in his mouth-your slippers, furniture-pretty much anything he finds. Always be sure to have some chew toys inside his crate for him to bite on while there.
  • Common sense alone tells you some easy ways to stop the pup from chewing easy to get at goodies. For instance, it is a simple and easy idea to keep all your shoes behind a closed door.
  • Use another tip from Mama dog to stop your puppy from biting by letting your puppy know that his biting is hurting you. You can imitate her, by yelping with a very high pitched voice to let the puppy know he is biting too hard. You might feel sort of silly, but this is one way Mama Dog  gets a puppy’s attention and stops the puppy from biting her.
  • A more vigorous demonstration that you want him to stop biting is to hold his mouth shut with your hand and at the same time stare him in the eyes and give him a growl or snarl. Mama dogs will do this in order to get the message across very vividly to their puppies.
  • You probably won’t want to grab the puppy by the scruff of the neck with your teeth the way a Mama dog does, but there is no reason not to use your hand to hold him still and show him who is boss until he submits. Remember, don’t stop the correction until the puppy is clearly submissive, and demonstrates that he knows you are in control.
  • Playing rough games with him, such as tug of war or wrestling, is a bad idea (even though it is so much fun) because it just encourages him to bite even more. I always used to do both those rough games with my puppies, and consequently always used to have bloody hands and wrists and forearms. Before I learned better, I used to enjoy the rough play as much as my puppies did, and didn’t know it  potentially could lead to  behavior problems with aggression.

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