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This is the next step in puppy crate training.After you do this a few times and your puppies get comfortable with being in and out of the kennel, you should begin to close the door for small sections of time.Stay in the room for small periods of time and praise your puppy for relaxing in the crate.Then leave the room that the crate is in and then re-enter. and put a treat in the crate for your puppies to be rewarded with.

You will then want to gradually extend your time out of the room to get your puppy used to you not being there.Some pups will hollar at the top of their lungs the second you shut the door, this is common and should be ignored.If you happen to open the crate when your puppies are complaining, then that just makes them associate whining with you opening the crate door for them.

Remain patient for the time when your dog is queit inside the crate, and then open the kennel door.Your pup will soon begin to learn to enjoy the crate and feel more relaxed and stop whining.It’s is definitely hard to no let your puppies out of the crate when they are sad, but don’t do it, don’t give in.   Puppy whining is definitely one of the harder aspects of puppy crate training.

Your puppy will soon start to love it’s crate and you might even see it go in the crate by itself to chill out.Don’t forget, the kennel should not be employed as a place to punish your puppy.You always want your pup to feel safe and secure it it’s crate and like being in there.Also, you never want to leave your puppies alone in your house for any amount of time.

Most puppies are very mischievous and will quickly start exploring things that you don’t want them to.This can be problematic for your puppies, and a nuisance to the owners as well.When you have to take a shower or something else in the house and can’t keep an eye on your puppies, just put them in the crate for a little while.

When your puppy has been in the crate for a brief period of time, take it outside right away and let it go to the potty.The second your pup begins to go to the bathroom where you want it to, start to praise it right away.You want your dog to realize at this point that this is the action you want it to do.

Here you can use another command such as “Good Potty”, “Good Bathroom”, or “Good Outside”.Your puppies will quickly start to learn that this command links to using the bathroom where you want it to.Bring your pup back inside the house when it is done.  Remember puppies can only go so long without using the bathroom so repeat this process frequently………consistency counts when puppy crate training!!!