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Puppy training is important whether for good behavior or fun. During the process of teaching the puppy the fetch game, it is necessary that the treats are used alongside praise and there is a very good reason for this. Since the puppy has yet to understand the importance of praise, you will have to give the puppy the positive reward stimulus of food until it does understand. You may be thinking, shouldn’t training always take place in the pup’s head and not their stomach and while this is true, they are learning a game.

Dog and puppy training can be a fun time for both you and your dog. Try to get at least three fetching games of ten minutes each, into each day for three days in a row. The fetching drills should be included with a five or ten minute walk daily on the leash. What we will do is sneak in two commands during the puppy’s ‘game times’ and before it realizes what is going in, the puppy will have been taught to ‘come’ and ‘sit’.

During your retrieving games, when your puppy has returned the play toy to you, place your left hand on its rear end and your right underneath its chin. Press lightly with your left hand while exerting a small amount of upward pressure with your right as you command, “sit”.

Good Puppy Behavior

Immediately after the puppy has been placed in the sitting position, shower him with praise and toss out the toy once more. After the puppy brings back the toy, refrain from praise until the ‘sit’ command has been given and it is placed in the sitting position. If the puppy should squirm from your grasp and you fail to get it properly seated, do not throw the play toy, do not praise and above all, do not give up. This will begin the process of a well trained dog and hence good puppy behavior.

Use the leash to bring the puppy back to you, say, “sit” and place the puppy in the sitting position, concluding each fetch-sit game with a tasty reward.

Around the time you wrap up the third session of the fetch-sit game, you may see that there is not much need for left hand pressure to encourage the puppy to sit. You will have a walk on the leash for 10 minutes on the schedule for the days numbered four through seven. All things will be as they’ve been on preceding days and take four small tidbits with you. Make sure they are tucked away in your pocket, out of sight and scent, as you take the puppy outdoors.

After you begin with what the puppy believes to be a routine daily walk, take a tidbit out of your pocket, kneel down to its level and say its name, followed by the command “come”. Using the leash, carefully pull the puppy towards you. Give it the tidbit, and at the same time pour on the praise. By giving the tidbit with the praise, your puppy will begin to learn that praise is synonymous with the reward. These dog training and puppy training tips can be utilized in many areas of your training.