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You may find that dog food aggression is one of the bigger problems to be faced with your pet. Shelters have behavioral tests and this is one of the most commonly failed. There are several reasons that a dog might express dog food aggression, and there are many things that you can do to work with him in order to change the outcome.

Get rid of dog food aggression

If your dog is a puppy you can start to deal with this early on. Give your new puppy his food and occasionally and randomly reach down and take the bowl away. Praise him for waiting nicely for you to return the bowl. There are dangers here if you are not trying this as a preventitive measure for the younger dog but as a cure for an older dog, so dont try it in those circumstances.

A dog that has been on the receiving end of abuse and neglect is likely to have some sort of food issue. However, just because they were once hungry doesn’t mean that they now have the right to get aggressive with you, your family, or your other dogs. Introduce other dogs and people into the eating space with extreme caution. If you see even tense body language, remove all food, dogs, and people immediately and implement corrective procedures.

Do not tolerate or encourage behavior such as growling or aggression towards people. Always feed your dog away from children and teach children the need to respect the dog’s space. Make feeding time a stress free time for the dog. If the dog knows that the food is coming from you, they feel more secure so try taking them to one side to a quieter area and feeding them small amounts of food whilst there.

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Do not feed the dog table scraps or any other form of people food. Keep him away from meal time for the humans. He needs a direct distinction between his food and yours. Do not permit children to run around with food around the dog.

If he gets aggressive, he cannot continue to eat. This command and release process must be repeated every time until he gets the message.Dont lose your patience and get angry or make a joke and tease or you will get nowhere with it.

Keep your dogs and children away from each other at meal times. Your aggressive dog should never believe that the food your toddler is eating is up for grabs. Children often tend to tease without even realizing it, so have them sit at a table under supervision whenever it’s time for them to eat.

Make sure that you are not giving him mixed signals. The consequences of failing to deal with dog food aggression can be awful. Keep consistent and keep training over food issues Over time you should start to notice that he understands that there is nothing for him to get worried about. If you are truly his leader, he will know that you will provide food for him

solving dog food aggression