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Poodle Obedience training is likely the most important things an owner can provide his dog. A well trained poodle will be a happy and safe part of the family unit, whilst an untrained dog can be both harmful and destructive.

Poodles, as in all dogs, possess a pack instinct which means they follow leaders and demand leadership. As pack animals, dogs in nature follow the directions of their pack leader. A dog might assume the leadership role himself if there is an absence of a strong leader. Dogs that think of themselves as the leader of their human pack could turn uncooperative, destructive and even dangerous.

Training a poodle will establish the proper communication between the dog and owner. The reason for a dog obedience program is to build the respect and gain cooperation of the animal. Gaining this respect is not possible if you mistreat or rough handle your dog. It should instead be earned by leadership and acceptible training strategies.

Basic obedience training consists of educating the dog what to do and what not to do. The main commands such as sitting and staying when directed, coming when called, and heeling when walking, are all the desired behaviors that you dog should learn and be able to react to.

The result of dog obedience training will establish the social hierarchy that dogs need as pack animals. When your poodle obeys your commands such as come or sit, it is showing compliance and submissiveness. This is the indentical way a submissive member of a wild dog pack would respond to the alpha dog of that pack.

There has forever been discussion as to whether it is easier to obedience train mature dogs or puppies. There is no question that both mature dogs and puppies can be trained successfully to be well-behaved and willing companions. It is typically easier to train puppies and young dogs than it is to retrain dogs that have developed behavior problems.

With poodle puppy training however, one must remember that the attention span is lots shorter than that of a full grown dog. It is important, therefore to keep training sessions short in the start. You must also include lots of playtime for your puppy with other dogs, people or other animals. It is really crucial to socialize your puppy.  This will make a safe and happy dog.

It is good for new puppies and dog owners to attend dog obedience classes.  These can be found in various places. These classes will teach you the correct way to train your dog and he will benefit from being able to socialize with other dogs.