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If you have recently acquired a Beagle puppy, you may be interested in learning more about puppy feeding, Beagle potty training, and how to stop a dog whining. Beagles are even-tempered and can make great family pets. It may take a while for your pup to get used to its new surroundings and to learn what it expected of it. Beagle training can set a good foundation which will help ensure that you puppy grows up into a well-tempered dog.

How to Feed a Puppy

The most important thing to remember with puppy feeding is that a puppy’s body is undergoing a substantial amount of growth and development.  Additionally:

  • Any changes to your puppy’s diet should be made slowly.  If at all possible, use the same kind of food it was eating at the breeder or pet store and then slowly mix it in with whatever food you decide to give it.  This will help your puppy’s little belly make the adjustment better.
  • Don’t give your Beagle puppy milk. Dogs do not have the lactose required for their bodies to digest milk, so giving them cow, buffalo, and goat’s milk can make them sick.
  • Water is essential not only for your dog’s digestive process, but for their overall health as well. Make sure they have fresh water available to drink.

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Issues with Training Beagles

Training Beagle dogs is often easier said that done. Because their breed has been taught to hunt for generations, they can sometimes have a one-track mind. Another common issue with Beagle dog training is that they may get preoccupied with scents, and may feel the need to follow the scent to its source. For training Beagle, food rewards often work well. Dog training to stop whining may also be needed when training Beagle dog, as they are prone to howling and baying.

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