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You should be constantly challenging your dog and re-teaching him the tricks you’ve previously taught him. Quiz him to see if he remembers the commands, even if you’re already sure he does.

For extra help in training your dog, consider obedience classes. Instructors can help you teach your dog tricks, to listen to your commands, and to behave appropriately.

Realize that sometimes you will need to contact a professional. If you are having trouble training your dog, consider calling in a professional. A professional dog trainer will give you the tools to correct your training program and help you achieve success.

Your dog needs to stay active during all phases of his life. Dogs, like people, shouldn’t be sedentary. Dogs need to run around and do activities with their owners to be at their best. Train your dog for agility, jog with him or take him to the park. Dogs thrive on constant motion, so don’t let yours get idle.

Dogs need repetition and rewards to learn. You should show your dog what to do and then try to reward your dog. This is how a dog will learn to perform a trick. Dogs learn through repetition and reinforcement.

There really isn’t room for error when teaching your dog right from wrong. Everyone in your house needs to set these boundaries too. It confuses the dog and sabotages your efforts.

If you are attempting to train the dog to perform a difficult command, you may want to break it into smaller commands to make it easier for him or her to follow. Let’s use training your dog to fetch the paper as an example. To begin this process, you have to teach him how he can hold onto an object. He will then need to know what the object is by name. Picking up the object is the next part of the puzzle that needs to be practiced. Finally, your dog should learn to bring an object to you on command. As you break the behavior down into simple steps, your dog will soon grow to master the entire task you want him to complete.

During the dog training process, it is a good idea to use various treats as rewards for your dog’s good behavior. These treats need to not be similar to daily treats, since you need to express a specialness that will encourage your canine to follow your commands to receive these special treats.

If your dog has separation anxiety, he needs to have ties to others beside just yourself. In order to get over its unhealthy fixation, the dog must interact with others.

Harnesses are not as uncomfortable as a collar for the dog, but a harness offers less control for the owner, making training the dog more difficult. Used properly, a harness combined with a collar can help teach your dog to properly heel and obey you while wearing a harness.

Ask your family to help you train your dog by using the same commands you are teaching him. For example, one person correcting your dog from jumping by saying “get off” and another using “down boy” will confuse the dog and be counterproductive to your training efforts. Focus on specific commands for your dog and teach everyone the right way to say them and you will reach your dog training goals.

After learning some helpful hints on how to get through to your dog and train him to behave to your expectations you simply need to follow what you have learned. After changing your dogs behavior to fit with the tips suggested you can properly train your dog.

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