Teaching Good Manners During Golden Retriever Puppy Training

One of the things you need to begin as soon as your puppy arrives home is golden retriever puppy training. But during your pup’s first couple of days at home, training doesn’t need to include teaching specific tricks or other advanced lessons for that matter. The most important thing to puppies about eight weeks of age is socialization, a period wherein your pet is introduced or exposed to other animals, people and other things he may have to deal with later in life. Early encounters greatly influence a dog’s adult life so he needs to be correctly trained at the earliest possible time.

A well-mannered dog is a pride of his owner and a joy to everyone around. In order for your puppy to develop good manners, here are a few rules you might like to take into account:

  • Get your puppy accustomed to being touched or handled. Belly rub or stroking other parts of the body regularly can do the trick. A pup that is used to being petted by human is not very likely to snap or growl every time other people comes close. This act can also make grooming hassle-free.
  • When introducing your pup to things, people or places, make every experience a worthwhile one. In so doing, it can help him associate that specific thing into something good, not something he should be scared of.
  • Teach your pup to perfect the basic dog training commands like sit, stay, come and others. If your young pup knows all these, it won’t be hard to get him to behave correctly.
  • Sort out behavior issues as soon as it happens. Whether it is jumping or extreme barking, getting rid of it is one step towards a well-mannered dog. You cannot consider a dog well-mannered if he jumps or barks whenever someone comes near him, right?

A dog with good manners isn’t just a joy to be around with. You can also be rest assured that everybody is safe.

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