The Truth About Raw Dog Food

So you are investigating if a raw diet for dogs is safe for your dog? Think about that question for a moment. Guess what dogs ate when in the wild. You are right! The normal diet of a dog is actually raw natural food. We need to be more vigilant about what commercial dog food is doing to our pets.

Pet owners are basically doing to our dogs what we do to ourselves. Because we have no time, we consume highly processed foods with loads of preservatives. Such foods make us unhealthy and were shown to be the reason behind many illnesses, such as diabetes and others. The same kinds of diseases are now found in dogs as a result of the store bought dog food diet they are given. A raw food diet for dogs is really so much better than grocery store dog food..

Why A Raw Diet?

There are several benefits to feeding your dog a raw food diet. These advantages are supported by studies. Dogs fed a raw food diet were found to:

  • have stronger immune systems
  • fell sick less frequently
  • get worms less frequently
  • not as likely to get parasites
  • less likely to get fleas

Pet lovers have always believed that the above health issues for dogs were simply a part of a dog’s life. The fact is a dog’s quality of life is extremely affected by the food WE give the them.

No Harmful Preservatives

An additional powerful advantage to feeding your dog a raw food diet is the ability for you to control the health of the ingredients. Raw food has no chemical additives that heavily processed foods have. The chemicals do awful damage to our and our dog’s well being. By feeding your dog a raw diet, you can completely leave out all the preservatives your dog eats. Cutting out all bad foods is difficult. Somedays you may not have time to prepare food and have to fall back on grocery store dog food. But, you can hugely improve your dog’s well being by cutting down on the intake of chemicals.

Dogs have no power to choose their own diets Dogs are completely dependent on us to care for their well being.  This is a huge responsibility. Improve your dogs health by giving them a raw food diet.

I strongly recommend that you take a look at my review of Dog Food Secrets to find out about the negative impact of commercial dog food on your dog’s health.

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  1. Ria

    This blog is helpful, I am giving my dog foods and treats that i use to buy online (, they are all natural and organic and said not to have any harmful effects on my dog…I haven’t tried the raw food diet for my dog, but I will definitely try it after reading what it can do to my dog’s health. Thanks!

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