Training The Older Dog

There are some who believe that when a dog has a little age on him then it is a little to late to train him to behave properly. How untrue these beliefs are. While training a puppy may be a little more simple, training an older dog is certainly achievable.

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In most instances you will have a little knowledge about the dog going into the training process. For the dog that you found on the side of the road or adopted from a shelter, you won’t know much about him at all. So if you have little knowledge of your new pets history, have a gentle spirit when you approach the training process.

Here are some ideas to helpyou train older dog, you can also use some of these tips for training a puppy

The Relearning Process

Be prepared because your older dog will have picked up some pretty bad habits. Besides having to learn the right way to handle things, your dog is going to have to un-learn quite a few. Just remember, up to this stage in his life, he does not know any better.

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Always be alert so that you will be able to stop the wrong behavior immediately.

It’s All In The Voice

A nice firm tone of voice will be your most powerful weapon when you begin to train your older dog, you don’t need to yell though. Try to never sound upset or angry, you want your dog to believe that you are in complete control. Any time he does something good, smother him with praise and give him a treat.

One Word Commands

When you begin training your dog, older dog or even a puppy you should really use single word commands. It is simpler for your pet to comprehend words like “stay”,”come”,enough,””down” than it is for him to understand “Go lay down,” “Stay right there” or “Won’t you please just sit down”

The First Time

It is important to know that once your dog understands a command that you expect him to follow through with it. Begging is one thing that you should not do. One important note. When you want your dog to come, Spot Come, and if he doesn’t, do not delay calmly go and get him, of course if he does come Lots Of Praise. The problem with using a command more than once is that when you say it 3 or 4 times, that the first command does not mean anything and they have plenty of time to keep doing what they are doing.

Good Behavior=Rewards

It is very important to keep in mind that during training or even during leisure time to reward your dog when he does something right, punishing your dog when he does something wrong is just not very effective. So, when he sits when you tell him to or behaves the way you like, love on him for a little bit and maybe give him a little treat.

Training positively and reinforcing positive behavior is the right way to train puppies and dogs.

Parish the thought that just because your dog is a little older that it will just be to complicated. By using correct training methods, it will seem like it took no time at all for your older dog to begin behaving properly.

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