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Chihuahua Potty Training

Having Difficulty Potty Training Your Headstrong Chihuahua?

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Your first impression of the diminutive Chihuahua is probably that he would be easy to train. The reality is that this dog breed is very strong willed and can be difficult to train. They are small dogs with a huge spirit.

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They seem to have no awareness of how small they are. It may be difficult to believe that some dog owners have difficulty convincing their tiny dog that they are the leader! For this reason, it takes plenty of patience and love for successful Chihuahua potty training.

Training a Chihuahua is as easy or difficult as you want to make it. Chihuahuas are smart little dogs and, yes, they can be headstrong. However, once you discover how to get beyond their stubborn nature, they will be potty trained very quickly.

There are many different opinions about the best time to begin potty training. Of course, it needs to be once they are weaned away from their mothers. Although most dog owners typically choose to start when their pup is seven to eight weeks old, some experts still think that this is too young. As each Chihuahua has his own personality, it very much depends on the nature and willingness of your individual dog. Even when you've reached the stage where your dog mostly follows and understands the concept of potty training, you should still expect some accidents.

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Chihuahua potty training is best performed using a crate or kennel. Dogs dislike dirtying their sleeping area, so will do whatever they can to prevent eliminating in the crate. For this reason, they should be kept in the crate at night. This will prevent you from having to step in little puddles around your home the next morning. Crating your Chihuahua will help him to learn how to control his bowels and bladder during the night, until he can eliminate in the morning. Maintaining a regular schedule is vital to crate training so your dog understands what to expect.

A consistent approach is important for housetraining your Chihuahua. After each meal, your Chihuahua should be taken outside to eliminate. He should also be taken outside when he wakes up, whether it is during the night or daytime. If you keep to this schedule, your dog will easily comply as he will know what you expect of him.

It is essential that you praise your dog during the potty training process. Chihuahuas love to get attention and will respond well to being praised for doing a good job during his potty duty. Treats are also a good option for the more obstinate dog. Eventually, your dog will go potty simply to receive your praise.

It is important for you understand that patience is required for any dog breed that is being potty trained. Accidents will inevitably happen and you should not yell at or scold your dog. He is a sensitive creature so you should just be consistent, firm and loving. Following these guidelines will help you to achieve success in your Chihuahua potty training.

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