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Dachshund Puppy Training

 Dachshund puppy training

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Can you honestly dispute the fact that Dachshunds are one of the cutest dog breeds around? However when it comes to Dachshund puppy training, it's a completely different matter entirely because these cute little hot dog shaped pets are in fact pretty ornery. But do they actually need special training to ensure their attitude stays in check? Why don't we take a closer look....

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What Makes Dachshunds Different

Dachshund puppy training is difficult. They will need plenty of patience as these little guys are one of the more stubborn, independent dog breeds you will meet. They like to make their own decisions, choose what they want, plus they are extremely patient in waiting you out in order to get it.

One thing you should never forget and frequently repeat to yourself is that your Dachshund, regardless of how cute he is, is still a dog - an animal that should be treated appropriately. As soon as you begin to treat your dog like a little person or give him the privileges that come with such a small size, you lose the upper hand in your training.

Remember that if you fail to train your Dachshund, you are in actual fact putting him in jeopardy. With such a strong personality and fiery will, these dogs can very easily get themselves into trouble. And their little backs can be vulnerable if they climb on things or jump excessively - both trainable behaviors.

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The Basics of Dachshund Puppy Training

To begin with, be sure you start young and give your Dachshund as much exercise as you possibly can from an early age. Yes, Dachshunds are little dogs, but they are bred as hunting dogs that dig out vermin. They possess a great deal of energy so when they do not have the opportunity to use that energy, it will come back to haunt your home.

When your Dachshund gets the exercise he requires, the training process will likely be much easier. However, it still must be firm and properly planned.

Short Sessions - Dachshund puppy training should be performed in short five minute sessions. As soon as they decide they do not wish to listen to you, it can be difficult to break through, so you need to get as much done as you possibly can before they have an opportunity to think about whether they would like to participate.

Basics - A Dachshund should be trained in basics such as “sit”, “stay” and in particular “down”. Dachshunds have serious restrictions on how they are able to jump or climb. Carry them up and down stairs and do not allow them to jump on furniture. Train them early on that these aren't permitted.

Clicker Training - Dachshund puppy training works particularly well together with a clicker. Dachshunds do not have great hearing, nevertheless they do respond well to sharp, single sounds and clicker training can be carried out in short bursts that suit their attention span nicely.

Rewards - Punishing a Dachshund is not really effective because of their strong will. They will become stubborn and quite possibly aggressive with too much punishment. Alternatively, use positive reinforcement to reward good behaviors. Dachshunds really like physical attention in addition to treats as rewards for good behavior.

Dachshund puppy training is often a frustrating experience. It requires time, energy and significant amounts of patience on your part. Most especially, do not allow your cute little puppy to get the upper hand. The moment you cave into him, you lose the battle and it may be difficult to take back that ground as the dog gets older.

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