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German Shepherd Biting

german shepherd barkingGerman Shepherds are highly intelligent, bred to serve, and by their nature wish to please. They are strong, athletic dogs whose intelligence has guaranteed them a continuing role as police dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, military dogs, bomb- and drug-detection dogs, and. They are a good looking dog breed, but German Shepherd biting and aggression can develop without the right training methods.

Inadequately socialized German Shepherds will likely display aggression at the sight of a complete stranger on their property. German Shepherds have an agile body with somewhat wolflike faces and they are in fact bred to protect your home and livestock.

These intelligent and versatile dogs are very well suited for energetic working lifestyles. The main cause of German Shepherd biting is boredom as they are extremely demanding dogs and are not appropriate for inexperienced dog owners. German Shepherd biting problems must be resolved as quickly as possible before someone gets hurt.

This is a dog breed that must be properly exercised. With their smart minds they also have to encounter interesting challenges to enable them to have the necessary mental stimulation. This is the actual reason they are selected and trained as police dogs. German Shepherd biting behavior can be stopped if you take the proper attitude with them and supply them with the exercise and training which will help them become well-behaved dogs.

There are methods that you can use to stop German Shepherd biting behavior and by following them it is possible to accomplish your goal of training them in a positive way. Too little exercise is the principal cause of unwanted behavior in German Shepherd dogs since these dogs have high levels of energy. If they do not have a means to burn up this energy, they can grow to be restless and begin exhibiting destructive behavior.

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German Shepherds that are not leash trained are more inclined to develop aggression issues including German Shepherd biting and jumping. As the pack leader, you should always be the one to walk in front of your German Shepherd so he will understand that you are his master. If you walk behind him, he may feel that he is superior, which makes it hard for you to train him.

German Shepherds are a wonderful pet to have but can become really demanding sometimes and can even begin to bite. Knowing how to deal with German Shepherd biting is essential even if your dog doesn't actually bite. It is a good idea to train your dog not to bite while he is still a puppy. Young puppies are usually extremely playful and do take little nips and bites while they play. Do not encourage your German Shepherd dog to do rough plays, for instance tug of war and wrestling until he has learned bite inhibition.

German Shepherds are really bright dogs and they become bored rapidly so it is your responsibility to make certain that your dog has sufficient to do so he will not end up with German Shepherd biting habits. You must also make sure to spend quality time with your dog and train him to play active games as it is a good way to work off his excess energy.

Fortunately, as German Shepherds are so intelligent, they can be trained that biting is not appropriate behavior. For that reason, you need to have a pre-planned German Shepherd training strategy to prevent German shepherd biting issues prior to bringing your brand new German Shepherd puppy home.


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