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Dog Food Secrets Review

Can you really increase
the lifespan of your dog by 134%?

Reviewer: Sandra Scott
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I've been asked this question a few times...Is it a scam?

People ask because there's a lot of hype about this particular product on the internet. Before I examined this top selling package, I was somewhat skeptical about the claims being made by Andrew Lewis. I can now tell you for a fact that Andrew Lewis is passionate and concerned (as we all should be) about the impact of commercial dog foods on our pets, and there appears to be some substance to his claims.

I strongly recommend that you click here and listen to the entire video. Your dog's health is at stake!

I don't know about you, but I found the information in this video extremely difficult to listen to and of great concern. Andrew Lewis makes some highly controversial claims about the negative impact of commercial dog foods in his top selling package. He claims that:

  • Dog Food Secrets offers a simple solution proven to increase the lifespan of your dog by up to 134% and save you up to $10,000 in vet bills and food costs.
  • Most commercial dog foods are prematurely killing our dogs. The average life expectancy of North American dogs is only 11 years, whereas a dog living under optimal conditions will live 27 years.
  • Most commercial dog foods are nutritionally inadequate and contain deadly chemicals and possibly even mad cow disease.
  • The chemicals and preservatives in commercial dog food can make your dog more aggressive.

What is included in the package?

Three packages are offered: Bronze ($27), Silver ($37), ad Gold ($47). The Gold package includes the confidential Dog Food Report.

Here are just a few of the vast number of topics covered in this comprehensive guide to maximize your dog's health, vitality and life expectancy:

  • 6 major food components essential for dog health
  • Dog health care (including perfect body temperature, heart beat and respiration for your dog; how to prevent and treat heartworm; tests for intestinal worms and parasites)
  • Best fruit snacks
  • 55 nutritious recipes dogs love
  • 20 human foods deadly to dogs
  • How many calories your dog should be consuming
  • 5 vaccinations your dog must have
  • Checklist for 18 most common dental diseases
  • Simple steps to a well-groomed dog

Free Bonuses:

  1. $30 Back In Your Pocket. The regular price has been reduced from $57 to only $27!
  2. 23 Doggy Treats Recipe Book - easy to make, healthy treats your dog will love

My Conclusions:

The information in this package is definitely disturbing and an eye-opener. I believe it is the responsibility of all dog owners to take a look at the evidence presented in this book as the lives of our pets are at stake.

I am of the opinion that the feeding advice, dog care recommendations, and nutritious recipes will benefit your dog's health and hopefully extend his life.

The author is so confident that you will love this package that you can request a 100% refund and still keep the entire package!

I strongly recommend that you take a look at Dog Food Secrets for the sake of your dog's health.

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