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What Does it Mean When a Dog Growls?

Dog growls

 A dog growls for a variety of reasons and you must take it seriously.
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When a dog growls, this is a clear warning which should be taken seriously. Often people do not understand a dog’s warning signals and do not retreat; dogs growl to make people understand the message they are trying to convey.

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Under normal circumstances, dogs will only be aggressive when they feel threatened or in danger and they will only attack after having displayed progressively more explicit warning gestures several times.

Sometimes, dogs growl to communicate their needs. When they find out that this works, they are likely to try it again. It is hardly surprising that dog growling is a common problem because some people misguidedly think that this is a sign that their dog will protect them. The truth is that the dog is more likely to be protecting himself and his stuff.

A growling dog may be considered dangerous according to some legal definitions so may need to be restricted accordingly. This may include placing your dog in a crate, in a separate room or confining him to your back yard.

When a dog growls and this results in him getting something he wants, he will quickly figure out that growling is a useful communication tool. Understanding your dog’s needs is a huge help in putting an end to this behavior.

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Here are just a few of the reasons why a dog growls:

  1. He wants to be fed. This is a perfect time for an owner to teach his dog the appropriate ways to communicate his needs. In order for the food dish to be placed in front of the dog, he would need to behave correctly.

  2. He needs to go potty. Although some owners like the idea of their dog asking to be let outside to eliminate, this is an unreasonable expectation for a puppy, old or sick dog. It is much better if regular potty outings are scheduled so the dog doesn’t need to get his owner’s attention.

  3. He is guarding his food. A dog may practice resource or food guarding to protect his food from a perceived threat (namely you!). Children must be taught to allow the dog to eat in peace and never try to remove the dog’s food. The same goes for adults; dogs must understand that humans give them food and don’t take it away. When it is safe to do so, food should be added to the dog’s bowl while he is eating.

  4. Similar to food guarding, a dog may also guard a toy. Growling when someone approaches is frequently the first indication that a dog will bite if the warning is ignored. In this instance, the simplest thing to do is take the toy away from the dog permanently or only give it to him when he’s in his crate.

  5. He has taken something and wishes to keep hold of it. Never chase your dog if he has taken something that belongs to you. Make sure he is given obedience training so will come to you on command.

  6. Often a dog growls when he is afraid of being groomed or having his nails trimmed. Considerable skill is necessary to groom some dogs and you should not try it yourself without the appropriate training.

  7. Dog growling also occurs when the dog feels the need to protect himself from abuse or pain. Maybe a child has hit or tormented your dog when you weren’t looking so he may growl when a child approaches. Sadly, the dog will usually be blamed for growling in this situation.

  8. If a dog growls and his owner reacts by jumping backwards, this can be huge fun for the dog. If he is allowed to get used to this behavior, he may become aggressive if the owner stops jumping when he growls. It is important to nip this behavior in the bud from the get go.

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