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Electronic Bark Collars

Some dog owners try to train their dog to stop barking by using an electronic collar, also called a bark collar. The dog wears the collar, which is activated when the dog barks.

The dog is startled when the collar emits a small electric shock. Gradually, the dog barking stops as the dog associates his barking with a painful experience. It is my opinion that this is a cruel and inhumane method to stop dogs from barking.  

There are many reasons why electronic collars should never be used, the least of which is that some dogs don't associate the pain from the shock with their barking. They develop a tolerance for the electronic shocks and continue barking.

Also, dogs with thick coats may not feel the electric shock if the prongs on the collar are not touching the skin. As well, there are few examples where simply using an electronic collar will stop dog barking. Usually, optimal results are obtained by including dog obedience training. 

Although, when used correctly, electronic dog collars don't really hurt dogs, some people think that they could be discouraging to dogs. It is for this reason that these people choose to use citronella collars, which work on the same principle as electronic collars. Citronella collars produce a mist when dogs bark. Most dogs hate the smell. Over time, they will associate their barking with the unpleasant scent and will stop barking in order to avoid the smell. The success rate is approximately the same as with electronic collars. 

The majority of dog trainers and veterinarians feel that, while barking collars can be useful tools, they are definitely not a substitute for good dog obedience training. In addition, obedience training does more than simply stop dogs barking. It also helps with other dog behavior problems. 

Surgery is the most drastic and, in my opinion, barbaric option to stop dogs from barking. A piece of tissue is removed from the larynx which prevents the dog from barking. Sometimes, the dog's ability to bark returns, making the surgery a waste of time and money. Thankfully, most vets oppose the surgical method to stop dogs from barking. 

In conclusion, I hope I have convinced you that obedience training is the best way to stop barking dog behavior. You should bear in mind that, if your dog stops barking by using a barking collar, he will also not alert you to an intruder in your house. With the correct obedience training, your dog will protect your family but will also know when it is appropriate to bark. 

The best dog training guides to stop dog barking are Secrets to Dog Training and Dove Cresswell's Puppy Training & Dog Training Online. I strongly recommend that you check them out! 





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